Deck & Engine stores

Our range includes Deck, Engine, Safety, and Electrical products from IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association) and ISSA (International Ship Suppliers and Services Association)catalogues as well as numerous other items.
The experienced staff of our company can step on board upon arrival and obtain samples from desired merchandise in order for the goods to satisfy the needs of ship.
Our range of products concludes many items such as Jet air chiesel, electric scaling machine, boilersuit cotton,safety shoes, refrigerator coats, fireman’s suit complete, fire hose rubber, manila rope, polypro rope, heaving line rope, hatch cover tapes, brush paints, paint rollers etc.

We are also specialised in Safety for vessel such as life jackets,  immersion suits, life jacket rescue lightS, man overboard, navigation lights, IMO symbols etc.

One of our main sections is Anti-Piracy security servises with products such as razor wire, bulletproof vests, helmet safety, binoculars night vision etc.





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